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Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to make environmental improvements for a sustainable future. We will regularly review and improve the way we do things. We will work together with our suppliers, local businesses, our neighbours and our community to help improve our local environment.

Things we are good at

  • We use environmentally friendly brands
    • We use brands that are ecofriendly and that share our vision of putting the planet first. Currently we use brands such as Eco Vibe.

Things we are not so good at

  • Hot tubs, saunas and log fires

    We realise that these are not great for the environment but we do want to provide our guests with a luxury stay. We will regularly review the products we use to and make any ecofriendly improvements where we can.

Plans for 2022

Monthly Beach Cleans

As primary sponsors of Million Mile Clean, our work with Surfers Against Sewage involves monthly beach cleans by staff, guests, local businesses and our local community as well as participation in SAS events.

Monthly Departmental Sustainability Reviews

Each month our sustainability Champions, Lou and Rach. meet with a departmental managers to review business processes and supply chain to ensure we maintain best practice.

Each year we will review of our sustainability mission and overall business processes

Establish annual environmental targets and objectives

We are working to set benchmarks for carbon footprint and energy consumption to ensure we reduce our environmental impact.