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28 August 2021

Three Mile Beach interior design

by Jo Le Bon

Joy meets laid-backness

Three Mile Beach has been such an amazing project. I’ve loved bringing my travel inspiration into it and finding ways to embrace our incredible location. Not with a nautical theme, though. With something a little different.

I had a few ideas from the very start that have come to life exactly how I envisioned them, and then a lot has evolved as I’ve found unignorable pieces on my travels and met local makers who have inspired new ideas.

What I hope you’ll agree it has all amounted to is fifteen beach houses filled with everything you need that are both cosy and uplifting.

The functional side of things

For starters, you’ll find lots of space, natural light and privacy. You’ll find beds you can sleep deeply in, sofas you can relax on, and a kitchen designed by a Bulthaup designer complete with everything you need to whip up a feast. Not just all the pots and pans but spices, oils, and must-have gadgets. Oh, and there’s a wine fridge too.

The vibe side of things

With spaces that inspire a feeling of freedom as the mission, my mind immediately took me to the airy Californian bohemian beach houses I’ve stayed in. Super relaxed, open, breezy, and made for the beach life.

Then, my mind went to India and Morocco and the colours and craft that blow my mind there – those joyful turquoises and vibrant pinks, intricate detailing and myriad textures. I have brought flashes of that into each house which zing brilliantly against the white shiplap walls.

Then, when I was thinking about those times when cosy lounging will be on the menu, Danish hygge-style comfort came to mind. That’s when the log burner and beautiful blankets came into the mix. I want the spaces to be as much about curling up with a book as they are about running free.

The art side of things

I’m lucky to have my friend and photographer, curator, art consultant Felix (who also happens to be Barbara Hepworth’s granddaughter) to help me source the art pieces for the beach houses. She knows her stuff. We’ve found lots in Morocco and the proceeds of the majority of pieces from the UK go to a vital cancer charity.

Then, there are the Mexican pieces. I won’t try to describe them. I’ll let you see them for yourself but, wow, I can tell you that they are amazing.

The fun side of things

I have named the beach houses after the songs of my life that conjure fun, freedom, and positivity. As a list, the house names read like my ultimate holiday soundtrack.

Talking of music, I have personally tested that the tables can be danced on, so feel free to party.


Jo x